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Quarantine Chickpeas Easter Salad


Hmmm, wondering what to do for upcoming Easter Breakโ€ฆ Where should I go? Or maybe I just skip all the travel hustle and stay at home? OK, that was a bit of a black humor there, but in times like these you do need a good dose to remain sane ๐Ÿ™‚

In a way, last 3 weeks have been a true eye opener. Spending more time at home, and being โ€œtightโ€ to a beautiful place where I live, made me appreciate everyday little things and my surroundings even more. Distracted by everyday obligations and a hectic tempo imposed solely by ourselves, we had simply forgotten to enjoy all those precious and genuinely fulfilling moments which come for free. I sincerely hope that you have re-discovered at least 3 little joys for a fuller and happier life, which you will continue to nourish once life pace goes back to โ€œnormalโ€. Being a bit cynical with the term normal, but that is the topic for another post. Been pondering and self-reflecting a lot lately, so got a bit side tracked))

Let me come back to those tiny precious joys. For me, one of the most relevant ones, was to remember how a good quality exciting meals can be prepared from the basic cupboard ingredients. Nutrition and creativity should certainly remain our prime focus in the kitchen. It is fun to experiment with exotic ingredients occasionally, but Peruvian strawberries, quinoa, jackfruit, kombucha, or Wakame algae are not prerequisite for a healthy fit body & taste buds indulgence!

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Mediterranean fennel and squash pasta sauce


Quite often, best things in life come unexpectedly and suddenly. It is that moment when you go โ€œOMG, what has just happened?? Wow, canโ€™t believe it! Pinch pinch!โ€. Then you pinch yourself to realize it is truly happening and life in all itsโ€™ shades is sooo amazing!

This exact moment manifested in my kitchen recently when tasting one of the yummiest pasta sauces ever. And trust me, living in the Western Mediterranean, I have tasted many.

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The ultimate vegetarian carbonara


Now hereโ€™s a savory treat both veggie & meat lovers wonโ€™t be able to get their hands off! May I proudly present you with Your Highness of Italian cuisine โ€“ the one and only โ€“ Carbonara! Well, it is time to find out what makes this meal so special and unique ๐Ÿ™‚

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Gnocchi with pumpkin & leek mousse


It makes so much fun to spice our daily menus up with one untypical main ingredient. On this occasion, I decided to pair one of the Italian cuisine favorites, gnocchi, with our good old winter friend, butternut squash. Well, that was a true love at first sight, and I will tell you why.

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Superhero omelette


Feeling a bit nauseous just by a thought of a busy and ultra-demanding day ahead? You are about to start one of those days when only superhero powers would get you through? Hey, chill down and relax! I have a perfect quick fix energy solution to make you fly all the way with a very big smile on your face. Trust me, no day is a tough day when you start it with my superhero omelette! Continue reading

Roasted sweet potatoes


At first glance, this might seem as a no brainer recipe, but trust me, there is a secret to perfectly roasted sweet potatoes! Follow my instructions carefully, and in no time you will start indulging in a perfectly crispy, yet meaty & highly flavoursome dish. Continue reading

Baked pasta sauce


This beautiful pasta dish is a living proof that rainy and colder autumn days are actually not that grey at all! Just imagine your favourite pasta combined with sweet and tangy flavours of oven baked sauce feat. butternut squash, fennel, and cherry tomatoes, topped with thin shavings of fresh parmesan cheeseโ€ฆ Continue reading