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Power shower breakfast


It’s a quick fix, extremely delicious yet low in calories, looks after your gut health, feeds your body with well-balanced high quality essential nutrients, fills your belly just right, and fuels your body with full power, so you can run through the day ahead tackling any mental or physical challenge(s) effortlessly. I know, it all sounds too good, but in this case, it is true!

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New Years' resolution


The end of yet another calendar year has arrived. As it is tradition, amidst of all those festivity parties and overindulgence in food and drinks, that tiny voice of reason inside our head starts getting louder and louder. Well, the voice of reason might not be the best word to describe it, but you know what I mean – it is that “good guy” inside us who is yearning for something more meaningful and fulfilling. After all, we always crave for more in life, a higher purpose and transcendence, visible life improvements, upgraded prototype of ourselves…

I am sure that over the last couple of days, many of us have faced a moment of serious pondering. It is those questions like “How would I describe the past year?”, “How well have I treated others and myself?”, “Can I do better?”, “In what way can I improve quality of my life and develop myself further?”

Beginning of the new calendar year symbolically marks beginning of a new cycle, a chance to “clean our drawers”, take a moment or two for self-reflexion, and come up with one or more ambitious resolutions which will improve not only quality of your life, but also loved ones around you. This is great stuff by all means. Self-questioning and desire for improvements is necessary if we want to lead better quality lives in all areas. The only “tiny” issue here is, how drastic/realistic are you with your resolutions?

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Plant based milk


Plant based milk craze is in a full swing. Supermarket shelves are loaded with pretty much any flavor and ingredient you can imagine. Soya, coconut, oat and rice are so last year with hazelnut, walnut, buckwheat & co. being the latest trend. Eye appealing packages are all promising the healthies and the most natural stuff…

However, there is always that other side of the medal. My mission today is to unveil both, that is, to provide you with some useful tips and “food for thought”, all with the goal to help you make the best and the healthiest choice. Continue reading


Heatwave is taking its toll,
I keep sweating out of control.
Even shade is of no use,
Zero energy left for an evening booze.
Constantly feeling drowsy and lame,
How to regain that inner flame?
Wish there was some magic injection to get me back on track,
Want to re-energize and fully enjoy the summer craic!

No, this is not another summer one hit wonder. This is a true life story of all of us being struck by the current crazy heat wave. This is my story too. Or to be more correct, it has been mine until couple of days ago when I actually did discover “the magic injection to put me back on track”! Continue reading


Viva la summer! Oh yes, the most active & fun filled time of the year has officially begun. Call of the outdoors. Between full time job, everyday obligations, and all those fun activities you are finally able to do in your free time, there is not much room left for the serious kitchen work really. After all, it would be nonsense to sweat over hot stove in the closed space while being tempted by sun rays and cloudless sky outside. No time to waste guys! So go out there, enjoy some beaching around, local beer garden with friends, great mountain hike, picnic in the local park… or even better – surrender yourself to unbearable heat, find ideal shade, and do a bit of good old siesta)) Continue reading


Hello guys! Hope that you have been enjoying this beautiful spring period with full lungs; activity and food wise. With the abundance of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies that the Mother Nature has been giving us over the last couple of weeks, there is no more room left for laziness and lame excuses to use packaged goods; tinned or frozen. Gardens and supermarket shelves are bursting with fresh seasonal produce full of all necessary vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to keep you fit, healthy & full of energy for the upcoming more active spring and summer months. Choices are endless, it is really up to you now to get a bit creative and take the best out of abundant choices. It’s time to go green all the way! Continue reading

Exotic lady fingers


Hello World! Wow, feel a bit nervous writing my first post 🙂 At the same time sooooo happy & excited that the Carpe Veggies project has officially been born. With the spring getting into full swing, must say that it couldn’t be more perfect time for the start.

Yes, spring, rebirth, beginning of the new life cycle… Have you started feeling all the buzz, life force, empowering scents, and positive vibrations around you? Many take New Year as a symbolic start of the new beginning. At the end of each year we take time to reflect and create that perfect resolution plan with many beautiful things we wish for ourselves. This time I am really going to exercise more, I will shed those extra 10 pounds, I will so quit smoking, I will definitely start foreign language course, will so read more… Bla bla bla… Then the adrenaline rush of festivity season ends, and so do our resolutions plans. Winter kicks in, we go back to our routines, we easily find excuses why not to proceed with our goals. Soon enough, all is forgotten. Until next New Year of course, there always comes another one… Continue reading