Roasted nuts – always have a jar of mixed roasted/grilled nuts handy in the cupboard. Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds would be my top choice. They are great SOS kit when you are in a nibbling crisis, and a perfect topping for many sweet and savoury dishes. One full pan will keep you stocked for at least two weeks.

Use organic and free range products when available and fit your budget. Organic food industry is a huge business backed up with powerful marketing machine, so it does happen that certain products labelled as organic are pricier than the rest. Just stay balanced and shop smart. You already make a big step and positive change if you opt for free range eggs and replace few ingredients you use in the kitchen on a daily basis with its’ organic version (carrots, lemons, potatoes, pasta, rice, onions, etc.). Also, go out there and connect with the local farmers, or visit the nearest farmers’ market once every two weeks. Once you start networking and asking around, you will be surprised how many good quality products are available just around the corner, and at a very reasonable price.

Add blender and a hand stick mixer to your kitchen equipment – these days it will cost you the same as few bottles of wine. Once you start blending all those yummy soups, dips and smoothies, you will ask yourself how in the World you ever managed without these cool tools.

Detox day – give your body a well-deserved rest at least once a month. Detox doesn’t equal starving and suffering; it only means to go lighter and smarter.  Choose one day to thank your body for the great work it has been doing for you 24/7. We all need a break, and so does our body.

Make your own superhoney – always have a jar of good quality organic honey in your cupboard. Once or twice a week mix one table spoon with some turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, matcha, cocoa powder… Just get creative and enjoy your DIY rejuvenating elixir. This is a perfect healthy sweet cravings quick fix btw!

How to additionally energize your food. Ooooh, this is a great nutrition hack, just love it 🙂 Place all the fruits/veggies you are planning to use during the day into the sunny part of your kitchen, or on the balcony. You are going for direct/full sun exposure. Let them absorb nurturing and energizing sun rays for as long as possible (for couple of minutes at least). Basically, you are sunbathing your food and feeding your body with some extra vital energy later on. How cool is that?