New Years' resolution


The end of yet another calendar year has arrived. As it is tradition, amidst of all those festivity parties and overindulgence in food and drinks, that tiny voice of reason inside our head starts getting louder and louder. Well, the voice of reason might not be the best word to describe it, but you know what I mean – it is that “good guy” inside us who is yearning for something more meaningful and fulfilling. After all, we always crave for more in life, a higher purpose and transcendence, visible life improvements, upgraded prototype of ourselves…

I am sure that over the last couple of days, many of us have faced a moment of serious pondering. It is those questions like “How would I describe the past year?”, “How well have I treated others and myself?”, “Can I do better?”, “In what way can I improve quality of my life and develop myself further?”

Beginning of the new calendar year symbolically marks beginning of a new cycle, a chance to “clean our drawers”, take a moment or two for self-reflexion, and come up with one or more ambitious resolutions which will improve not only quality of your life, but also loved ones around you. This is great stuff by all means. Self-questioning and desire for improvements is necessary if we want to lead better quality lives in all areas. The only “tiny” issue here is, how drastic/realistic are you with your resolutions?

For example, you piled up good few pounds over the last years thanks to your office job. Naturally, you keep feeling bad about it, but the worse you feel, the more beers or office snacks you take whenever the occasion. Recently you reached the boiling point and are completely fed up with this vicious circle. Resolution? In the New Year you are definitely turning into Thor or a UFC heavyweight fighter. Strict fitness and nutrition regime from 02.01. will turn your body into a machine. That great new fitness app and 50% discount for a yearly membership in a local gym guarantee complete lifestyle renaissance. First week goes successful, second week little bit less successful, third week goes nearly gym free, and the fourth week, well, it is all back to square one.

Please do not take me wrong guys! This was just a stereotypical example of a New Year’s resolution life cycle. I am not being cynical and am not underestimating anybody’s plans and goals. Sadly though, large percentage of our great ambitions ends up with extremely short life span. Hey, been there myself! OK, I admit, more than once 🙂

Crucial thing I have realized in the whole “from hero to zero” process is that every quality life change/improvement starts with baby steps. When you think about it, it does make sense. After all, how many lessons and driving hours did it take before you obtained your licence? Even then, it took some time until you have become a perfect driver you are today, right?

Same goes with our New Year’s resolutions. Dream big and set high goals, sky should never be the limit! But once you set that ultimate goal, break it into measurable and realistic steps. You have the whole year ahead to work towards final achievement. Needed be, modify and adjust along the way. You can become Thor or a UFC heavyweight fighter, by all means. However, it is more likely to happen on November 11th, then on January 7th, that’s all. Never lose the big picture, give yourself well deserved high 5 after completion of each tiny step, and keep going with the head up until the  final goal is achieved.

That said, I would like to share 3 tiny, yet very highly important baby steps which will result in a way healthier and more balanced nutrition. These 3 little habits will drastically improve quality of your life over the next year, and trust me, you can nail them in no time!

1. Go totally nuts, every day!

There is no healthier and more nutritious snack than a handful of roasted nuts. They are rich in essential nutrients such as good fats, proteins, minerals, and our best anti age & smooth skin ally – vitamin E. Grill 250g. nuts of your choice in a pan once a week, pack a handful in a mini jar every morning, and there you have a perfect portable snack throughout the day. Feel free to upgrade your mix with some dried sultanas/cranberries, or by adding a dash of oil & spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, salt or chilli during the roasting process. Get creative, stock up, and nibble away guilt free.

2. One apple a day…

Yes, we have all heard this old cliché proverb for so many times not paying much attention to it. But hey, maybe it is time to give it a go.  One apple a day certainly won’t kill you. In fact, it will provide your body with some really good stuff. Don’t even know where to start. Full of dietary fibres, low in calories, refreshing, contains anti-inflammatory properties, aids good guts bacteria, rich in anti-oxidant vitamin C and vitamin B complex* (healthy heart, blood cells and nervous system), contains good amount of calcium, potassium and phosphorus* (healthy bones and muscles)… Convincing enough? Add one apple to your daily menu, along with the handful of nuts, and run through the most intensive day like a true superhero!


3. Dance on !

Avoid the hustle of going to the gym and turn your kitchen into a dance floor! Pump up the volume with some latino pop, dance charts beats or house music, and let yourself go. Move your hips and jump around while chopping and stirring away; there is no better stress relief than turning your spatula into a microphone 🙂 Instant feel good vibes and perfectly sculpted body are guaranteed! All of this from the comfort of your kitchen. Crazy but true!

Enough of pep talk now, it is time for some serious action.

Wishing you a very happy and successful year ahead guys! There is nothing we cannot achieve once we set our minds to it, so revise your resolution list, break it into baby steps, and start nailing those beautiful dreams and goals big time! Best of luck 🙂

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