Rice crackers trio fantasticus


This is a living proof that rice crackers can be so much fun, just let your imagination go!

Here is my current “Trio fantasticus” for any occasion (breakfast, lunch, dinner, easy entertaining, snack…):

Cracker 1* – cheese spread with chives + avocado slices + ground black pepper

Cracker 2 – ricotta + chopped strawberries + drizzle of acacia honey

Cracker 3 – ricotta + chopped ripe pear + cocoa powder + toasted nuts

*From left to the right. Basically, we start with a bit of savoury, then we move on to sweet delights 🙂

Tip: find your perfect rice crackers; with or without salt, with sesame, supersedes… There are so many different varieties on the market, just try them all and see which one appeals to your bud tastes the most. Then you have your base for all other experiments.

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