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Rejuvenating smoothie soup


Wow guys, sooo happy to share my latest kitchen breakthrough; a meal which instantly became my weekly (nearly daily) menu must do! For the last couple of weeks I keep blending away while singing “I just can’t have enough…” with a big smile on my face. And after the last lick (yes, I admit licking my plate), I start getting chills down my spine thinking: “Man, this is nearly better than s…”.

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Summer barley salad


Wooow, you so have to try this new late spring/summer superfood salad! It became one of my seasons’ favourites after just first bite. Vitamins A, C & E from fresh raspberries, avocado & rocket will keep your skin well protected against photo aging in the sunny months, while often neglected barley will feed your body with abundance of good carbs and proteins. What to say but – nutritious & delicious 🙂

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