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Magic Pancakes


β€œI wish it would be Christmas every daaaay….”. Yes, me too πŸ™‚ In fairness, Christmas is not about that particular calendar day, its’ true essence lies in all those beautiful and uplifting emotions it brings out. Invigorating warm scents of cinnamon, cloves, and homemade sponge cake spreading around the house, warmth, laughter, fulfilling time with the dearest ones… Just overall joy coming from the inside.

He he, wouldn’t it be great if you could pack a bit of that spirit into a tight container, and inhale it now and then during the year when in a need of a mental energy boost? OK, fantasies aside. But let me share a secret; it is possible to experience Christmassy high at any given day. Oh yes! It is actually only a pan away. Follow my newest culinary pancake adventure, and in no time you will be jingling around the house like there is no tomorrow πŸ™‚

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Primavera pancakes


The best of spring greens rolled up together in one delicious meal! This is a true healthy alternative to quiche or savoury pie versions as it omits unnecessary butter and a lot of flour for the pastry base. Pancakes are a healthier version for a round up flavour, especially since you can play around with ingredients, and make them completely light and gluten free while still benefiting from all the good carbohydrates. Continue reading


Hello guys! Hope that you have been enjoying this beautiful spring period with full lungs; activity and food wise. With the abundance of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies that the Mother Nature has been giving us over the last couple of weeks, there is no more room left for laziness and lame excuses to use packaged goods; tinned or frozen. Gardens and supermarket shelves are bursting with fresh seasonal produce full of all necessary vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to keep you fit, healthy & full of energy for the upcoming more active spring and summer months. Choices are endless, it is really up to you now to get a bit creative and take the best out of abundant choices. It’s time to go green all the way! Continue reading