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Summer barley salad


Wooow, you so have to try this new late spring/summer superfood salad! It became one of my seasons’ favourites after just first bite. Vitamins A, C & E from fresh raspberries, avocado & rocket will keep your skin well protected against photo aging in the sunny months, while often neglected barley will feed your body with abundance of good carbs and proteins. What to say but – nutritious & delicious πŸ™‚

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Viva la summer! Oh yes, the most active & fun filled time of the year has officially begun. Call of the outdoors. Between full time job, everyday obligations, and all those fun activities you are finally able to do in your free time, there is not much room left for the serious kitchen work really. After all, it would be nonsense to sweat over hot stove in the closed space while being tempted by sun rays and cloudless sky outside. No time to waste guys! So go out there, enjoy some beaching around, local beer garden with friends, great mountain hike, picnic in the local park… or even better – surrender yourself to unbearable heat, find ideal shade, and do a bit of good old siesta)) Continue reading