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Banana & oats mash


Remember those sweet childhood days when your mum would make you a soothing and heart-warming DIY meal? The one which would cast all of your worries away and lighten up your heart after just first bite? With a big loving smile on her face, she would look at you emptying the plate, and reward you with a soft kiss or a cuddle of joy after the last bite…

There is no other feeling in the World that could beat mama’s TLC! I am sure that these loving memories are giving you beautiful chills down the spine right now…

Three eventful decades later, on a grey and rainy Sunday morning, this exact flashback took me over. A bit sentimental and fragile, I felt a need for something heart-warming & soothing, something that would make me move mountains again. One glimpse around the kitchen was enough for creation of this ultimate “mama’s TLC” style meal. It is truly miraculous what kind of effect one ripe banana, an apple and some oats can have on your body, mind & soul. A true quick fix mood booster guaranteed 🙂

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Superhero omelette


Feeling a bit nauseous just by a thought of a busy and ultra-demanding day ahead? You are about to start one of those days when only superhero powers would get you through? Hey, chill down and relax! I have a perfect quick fix energy solution to make you fly all the way with a very big smile on your face. Trust me, no day is a tough day when you start it with my superhero omelette! Continue reading

Roasted sweet potatoes


At first glance, this might seem as a no brainer recipe, but trust me, there is a secret to perfectly roasted sweet potatoes! Follow my instructions carefully, and in no time you will start indulging in a perfectly crispy, yet meaty & highly flavoursome dish. Continue reading

Summer barley salad


Wooow, you so have to try this new late spring/summer superfood salad! It became one of my seasons’ favourites after just first bite. Vitamins A, C & E from fresh raspberries, avocado & rocket will keep your skin well protected against photo aging in the sunny months, while often neglected barley will feed your body with abundance of good carbs and proteins. What to say but – nutritious & delicious 🙂

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Kale al dente


You know those evenings when you just don’t know what to eat? You kind of mixed a bit of everything throughout the day; sweet, salty, a bit of healthy, a bit of junky… Now you don’t feel completely hungry, but you crave for that “it” meal to conclude your day on a healthy note. You don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, but at the same time you crave for something yummy and of a full taste… Search no longer – this truly is that very simple, light, and nutritious “it” dish. Continue reading