Every morning when I open up my eyes, first thought that crosses my mind is “Wow, thank you for waking up alive and having a chance to live another amazing day to the fullest!”. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, or lined up obligations (read work and office merry go round 🙂 ), just don’t give a … I will make the most out of every single moment, have fun, do my best, and that moment when I put my myself to rest in the evening, my life will be enriched with new experiences, lessons, information… everything I need to wake up the next morning as a better and fuller human being.

As you can see, I am truly in loved with life and all those unlimited possibilities it brings on any given moment. It is so amazing to be/to exist, and to be able to take active part in our society. To put it bluntly – if I was to win multimillion lottery jackpot, I would continue my life as adventurist, explorer, philanthropist & educator/motivator about holistic wellbeing based on my experiments and discoveries.

Nature has always been my source of inspiration and the most nurturing crying shoulder at times. Even though I had neglected it for one period of my life, it has always been there, and had embraced me back full heartedly when I came back.

This enthusiasm of life and “oneness” with the nature gradually inspired me to take some turns that I could had never possibly imagine earlier. One of them is definitely switching to a plant based diet. Funny game of words, but it truly happened “naturally” 🙂 Soon after, I started feeling such an amazing freedom, and bit by bit, new horizons have been opening up. The most remarkable recent one is creation of Carpe Veggies – “the it” feel good platform to get you rolling in kitchen and life.

As cheese as it sounds, combine 1 cup of open mind, 1 cup of child enthusiasm & 1 cup of effort, with few tablespoons of pure love, and there you have your perfectly delicious life cake! I actually quite like that saying “Life is a candy!”

So go out there, breathe life with full lungs, have fun, play, experiment, have an amazing adventurous journey! And please don’t worry about the kitchen – allow me to handle this part for you 🙂